authentic and purposeful brand development and strategy for women entrepreneurs

Harness the power of you in your branding

Great brands inspire others and change lives in the process.

Your power is in your creativity and the way you view the world around you. And your brand should be a reflection of you.

You have the passion, the drive, and the creativity to do great things you just have to learn to harness your power and tell your story.


HI. I'm Misty, brand coach and brand developer for creative entrepreneurs.

After 18 years of using my own creative power to help corporations, like Victoria’s Secret, brand and grow their businesses, I am blazing my own trail and helping other creative businesses owners find their purpose and harness their passions into one of a kind brands.

To live the life you dream of you must blaze your own trail and go after it with gusto.

Misty Anderson brand coaching and brand development and designer for creative entrepreneurs

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