Allison Starnes

Allison is a commercial interior designer who specializes in creative office space design. She marries function with beauty and fun. Allison's favorite element in her design process is working with pattern and texture and textiles play a large role in her finished designs.

brand identity design

- The brand identity modern and but not obtrusive.

- Variations need maintain the personal feeling of her brand.

- Must include a dusty blue as the main color story


When we started the project with Allison she already had her color palette and inspiration photos in her portfolio for us to look through. These photos showed us Allisons design aesthetic and that simple, clean, designs would reflect her work as a designer. 


Because Allison had so much of her brand ready for us we started with her main logo. After. a few rounds of revisions we finalized her primary logo. As you can see the main logo for her brand is very clean. We steered away from harsh black and instead chose a deep cool grey to ground the design and allowed for the monogram to serve as a pop of color. 

Next we designed her secondary logo and brand mark as well as her collateral pieces. We end up with a cool tone charcoal envelope with her brand patters serving as the liner.


The final deliverables for this project are the perfect compliment to the client and her brand.