Amara hair salon

Krystal Montiel is master colorist and stylist. If you follow her social media you can see that she takes great pride in her work and wants her clients to feel comfortable but also glamorous. So when she decided to open a new salon she wanted her brand to reflect her aesthetic.

brand identity design

- Create a brand identity that kicks off the new salon and is geared to future success.

- Muted and relaxing color palette.

- Modern yet feminine feel to match her clientele.


The first step in our process was to spend a few days defining Krystals vision for her brand and defining her ideal client. What we learned is Krystal's clients come from a specific area and they enjoy pampering themselves with a bit of luxury. Krystal knew she waned her salon to be a destination for clients with specific hair coloring needs like Balayage.


We started the design process with creating a color palette that reflected the new salon atmosphere. Krystal loved the way soft greens and teals created a relaxing but welcoming feel. 

Because the color palette reflected a modern spa feel designing the logo needed to fit the overall aesthetic to keep the brand cohesive. We designed several logo choices using the Krystal's clients and color palette as our inspiration.

Once the final logo was created we designed several other logo options based on that design. These alternate logos and brand mark were used to add interest to her business card design, t-shirts for salon workers, and the front of the salon for her opening day. 


We are thrilled with the final designs we created for Amara Hair Salon. More importantly our client is happy to have a brand identity that reflects the heart and soul of her business. We were truly honored to be a part of this project and cannot wait to watch as Krystal and her salon grow.