You have an amazing website, a blog full of helpful posts, a one of a kind product and an email newsletter where you share exclusive content, but your audience isn’t taking advantage of these offerings. You may have started out feeling like a superhero but suddenly you’re feeling like a super zero. You’re not alone. At one point we have all felt this way. Creating content people love is easy. It’s getting that content in front of them and getting them to take action that’s a little more difficult.

In today’s world of fast moving information, you have to be able to grab your audience’s attention and grab it quick. The easiest way to get them to pay attention to you is through your visual content strategy. You may already have a marketing strategy in place, but if you aren’t creating relevant visual content your strategy isn’t complete. Not by a long shot.


How To Drive Action With Visual Content

A lot of business owners are intimidated by SEO. For a long time I was one of them. That is until I started to actually try and learn it. I am by no means an expert or guru in the art of SEO but I can help you at least get started on the right foot.

Just a fair warning this post is geared toward users. If you’re not using WordPress I highly suggest you give it a try. Mainly because it’s easy to use and WordPress has done an ah-ma-zing job with making their users already pretty SEO ready.


February 13, 2018

Basic WordPress SEO: For Beginners

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest, like me, then you have probably seen plenty of brand style guides show up in your smart feed. I personally love them. I have a whole board dedicated to brand style guides ( you can follow me on Pinterest here).

If you have seen them you are probably wondering what the are and why you would need one. They do have a purpose, other than to show off your stunning brand identity. Though… go ahead and show it off girl!


How To Use Your Brand Style Guide To Build Brand Recognition

I am a work at home mom with two toddlers running around all day, clients to work with, appointments to keep, blog posts to write… this list could go on and on. If you run a small business, whether you have little ones or not, your list of to-do’s could be looking like a marathon you’ll never finish. If anyone understands the struggle, it’s me.


January 30, 2018

How I Schedule My Week To Be More Productivity

I have a HUGE secret to share with you today. I mean it’s so big it will change the way you do business forever. Okay, that may be a little bit of a stretch, but I promise you that this post will help you become more successful as a small business. If I could meet you in person, share a cup of coffee and give you one piece of advice this would be it.

So what is my secret to success? It’s not a complicated theory or even a hard to implement the process. It’s just five simple principals that make up one big business philosophy. This philosophy isn’t revolutionary by any means but to make it easy to implement in my own business I put my own little twist on it.


My Biggest Secret To Success: One Word To Live By

WHOOPS! This post is currently being updated with some new and exciting information. Check back soon.


January 5, 2018

How I Used Brand Clarity To Book 4 New Clients Before I Launched

When I decided to start my own business I sat down at my kitchen table and spent a week planning out my business goals. I lived off coffee and barely moved from my chair. I will admit that the first few days were a struggle. But once I started visualizing my business in a new […]


How I Set Big Goals And Actually Achieve Them

Are you struggling as a small business? Are you trying to increase sales and bring in more revenue? What about building more loyalty with your existing customers? You are definitely not alone. When it comes to the struggles of small business most of us are in the same boat. Yep, even your competitors struggle. Heck, […]


December 15, 2017

What Is Branding And Why It’s So Important To Your Small Business

Let me tell you, one of the reasons I am so passionate about branding and design is because I have made mistakes along the way. BIG mistakes! But in business and life, the best I could hope for was to learn from those mistakes. And now the best thing I can do is pass that […]


These Branding Mistakes Could Be Costing You Money

I am a new business owner. I say this because I completely re-branded by business, I even changed the name. So I’m technically starting from over, and that got me thinking about where all businesses start. Zero. That’s right each and every person who has ever started a new business has started at zero. Zero […]


December 15, 2017

How To Feel Good About Your Business