I am sure if you’ve started your business or even just researched the idea of starting a business you have heard that an email list should be your number one priority. I think anyone who blogs about business in any way has a post dedicated to the importance of list building as they should because… it truly is that important.

Your email list is going to be your business’ best friend and major factor in your growth strategy. This is because the people who have willingly invited you into their inbox want to hear what you have to say. They want you to help them solve problems, and your email list is your direct link to them.

Email List= Important… but how do you get people to willingly hand over their precious email address? Lead magnets.


10 Lead Magnet Ideas To Boost Your Email List

Building a business, raising kids, trying to find the time to spend with my husband, do the laundry… It’s stressful. There are days I just want to burn my house down so it’s one less thing on my to-do list. I’d never do it, but man the thought has crossed my mind.

You feel me on this, don’t you?

Of course, you do. We all find ourselves stressed out at some point. And usually, it sneaks up out nowhere and says “Hey it’s me, your old friend stress! Don’t mind me I’m just going to sit in the corner and make you want to pull your hair out.”

When stress shows up and say’s don’t mind me… you better mind. You better banish her or she’s going to go from minor irritation to pounding headache faster than you blink your eyes.


April 12, 2019

5 Ways To Reduce Stress Without Leaving Your Desk

One of the things I love most about choosing brand fonts is that they tell a story without actually spelling it out. Changing just one font can change the entire look and feel of a brand. They truly speak volumes about your brand.

To understand how to choose the right brand fonts you need to understand the basics. Fair warning: this post is a little long but choked full of great information and plenty of visuals to help you out.nd truly getting your message across to your ideal client without coming across as stiff.


How To Choose The Perfect Brand Fonts

Spring has officially sprung! Instagram is filled with beautiful bouquets of flowers, mother’s day is right around the corner, and all the trees in my neighborhood are in full bloom.
Needless to say, I’m swooning over here.

Spring isn’t just about the beauty it’s also about a new season of rebirth. A season to breathe new life into your business. Give it a fresh new makeover… and the easiest way to give your business and brand a fresh new look is to update your color palette.


March 29, 2019

Spring Color Palette Inspiration

Outside of your website, social media is the best tool you have to market your business and build brand recognition. Unlike your website, social media is all about building personal connections, interacting with your audience, and truly getting your message across to your ideal client without coming across as stiff.

So how do you make sure your social media tells your story, engages your audience, and adds value? Well, there are three simple steps to brand your social media and knock the socks off your audience.


3 Simple Steps To Branded Social Media

Last year was a struggle for me on a lot of levels and I didn’t take on many clients.

For a while, I wasn’t even sure I’d come back to my business at all. You can read all about how depression almost killed my business in last weeks post.

When I decided to buckle down and get back into my business I took an entire month to evaluate my services and decide what I was going to change to give my clients the most long-term success. After creating the new offering the biggest change was I wasn’t going to be able to help as many people I once was able to.


March 15, 2019

My New Brand Development & Design Process For 2019

We all know that a website is a must for any business. Nowadays it serves as the main hub for your business and brand. But what is the difference between a good website that converts visitors into either subscribers or customers and one that does neither of those things?

There is a fine line between good web design and bad web design and I am going to show you the top 10 things your website needs to have in order to be a lead magnet that helps you grow your business.


10 Essential Elements To A High Converting Website

A few weeks ago I sat down and had coffee with a dear friend and do you know what she said when I arrived?

“I’m surprised you were able to make it. Every time I ask you to coffee you say you have work to do it. I was beginning to think we weren’t friends anymore”

Want to talk about heartbreaking? That statement nearly had me in tears because it was so true. My business had been consuming me and I had been neglecting the people I care about. And they had noticed. And if she wasn’t happy I can only imagine how everyone else felt.


March 26, 2018

The 5 Tools That Keep My Business Running Smoothly

Are you ready to start your spring cleaning? I am. Though I am really not looking forward to seeing what crazy clutter awaits me in the far reaches of my closet. Last year I found a handbag I had been searching 6 months for and swore I must have lent out and would never see it again.

And to be honest my closet isn’t the only place I am afraid to look at…

If you run a small business, chances are you need to do a little spring cleaning in your biz as well. Out of date information, email boxes filled to the brim, and yes ,even desk drawers that may need a little love in the decluttering department.


5 Steps To Spring Clean Your Business

Have you ever sat down at your computer to write a blog post only to find yourself still staring at a blank screen an hour later?

You probably already know this but content is king. Without high-quality content, it is hard to build and maintain an audience. It’s even harder to turn that audience into lead or sales. So what do you do when it seems your creative juices have decided to take a vacation?

Well first, don’t panic. Finding ideas for good content can trip up even the most seasoned blogger.
Second, you can use this list of resources to find a steady stream of content ideas and build out an amazing content calendar and knock your audiences socks off.


February 27, 2018

10 Places To Find Content Inspiration