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You are doing everything you possibly can to grow your business and remain authentic to your vision.

You follow the “Rules” passed on to you by the Guru’s that tout success if you just…follow.

The problem is your uniqueness is being filtered through the lens of someone else’s success.

Eventually, your entire brand will be the product of someone else’s thoughts on what it “should” be.

Your brand is the heart and sould of your business

What if there was a better way to brand your business and stay true your purpose?

Success as a brand means blazing your own trail and having the desire to succeed where others have failed.

Most of all it takes clarity in your purpose and focus on your passion to build a brand that truly connects with others.

Let me help you build you brand with brand coaching

Brand your business beyond your visuals by exploring the outer reaches of your imagination and expectation of your brand.

Hone your thoughts and ideas into an actionable strategy that grows YOUR brand, not someone else’s.

Turn your deepest most burning desires into your own reality.

And filter your ideas and thoughts through the lens of your own definition of success.

Misty Anderson Brand coach and brand designer

I’m Misty, branding coach and developer, and after 18 years of helping corporations, like Victoria’s Secret, and startups with building their brands, I am focusing on helping creative entrepreneurs achieve the same success.

Without telling you how you should brand your business.

brand coaching for creative entrepreneurs

I’m not here to give you a one size fits all solution to your branding.

It’s not a secret formula you have to follow.

Brand coaching is a sercret to achieve to your dream life and reaching your business goals. Let me help you build your brand with onwe-on-one brand coaching

What I do is meet with you once a month and get to know you, your business, and witness your passion first hand.

I learn where you’re winning and where you’re struggling.

Then I help you create strategies that promote your brand and that nourish your soul.

I give you the confidence to conquer your space and help hold you accountable to your goals.

I help you find and nurture your growth mindset.

I don’t tell you how to do it. I give you the tools and resources to do it yourself and help you along the way to brand excellence.

What you’ll experience with 1:1 brand coaching with Misty Anderson Designs.


Once a month we will get together for a 90-minute coffee chat and strategy session. We will dive deep into your business to uncover what is holding you back from reaching your goals. At the end of every strategy call, you will receive a summary of the call and an action plan for the month.


Every week you will receive support emails from me, not an automation sequence. This is my way of keeping you motivated and focused on the goals we set together.  I want to see you succeed and these emails will help me create even better service for you and your brand.


The monthly calls and weekly support are designed to help you reach one thing, your goals. Together we take your big ideas and even bigger dreams and turn them into your reality. Step by step you will see your brand become a force in your space changing lives along the way.

Your Investment

How will this benefit my business?

Success is a deeply personal belief that is defined by you. Brand coaching helps you harness your creative power to refine your brand message and attain the level of success that you want, not the success someone defines for you. Brand coaching is designed to start you from the very beginning. That time before you started to worry about revenue and lead generation. That time when your space was laid out before you and you knew you would conquer it. It’s the place of passion and ideas. That is where brand coaching begins. When we start from a place of passion and creative thinking it opens up a new world of possibilities for your business. From there we can find clarity and use that certainty that surrounds your brand to blaze a new trail.

Is this a quick fix to my problems?

No. A “quick fix” is a way to temporarily relieve an issue but not address the underlying cause. That means the same problem can crop up again months or years down the road. My brand coaching is designed to give you a greater understanding of not just your brand, but yourself and your audience.  Knowing how best to brand your business helps you connect more emotionally with the people who will directly impact your goals as a business owner.

I have already done coaching for my business, how is this different?

My brand coaching is designed to help you understand the foundation upon which you build your brand. This isn’t a lead generator or list builder coaching. This isn’t a formula to follow to grow your business. Brand Coaching is what you need to build all of those things off of and make them successful.

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