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I don’t normally do posts like this because I hate when people tell me they have the answer to all my prayers as a business owner and it ends up being a high dollar course that teaches me things I have already learned by just doing some basic research. I have to really truly LOVE something before I try and get others to spend their hard earned money on it. I have to believe in it with every fiber of my being.

And I absolutely believe in what I am about to tell you about. Yes, this is paid course. I want to get that out of the way up front. Yes, there is an affiliate program for it, of which I am not a part of. So everything I am about to tell you is straight as an arrow. I am not getting anything from telling you this except the satisfaction that maybe, just maybe, a few of you will learn something that even I didn’t know after hours of research.

Social media marketing has been touted as one of the best ways to grow your business and find leads. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are talked about with a lot of enthusiasm and everyone has a secret to get you more leads. But here’s the problem… How many of your followers on those platforms are high-value clients? I’m talking about clients that have the ability to drop $10k on your coaching program or $100k for your consulting?

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Truth be told probably not many. Most of your high-value clients are on those platforms and “push” content to others, but how many are actually reading the content you’re “pushing”? Again, probably not many.

What if I told you there was a better platform, and probably one you have but aren’t using to its full potential, that can get you directly in front of CEO’s, HR department heads, editors for magazines, and just about anyone you could ever dream of working with? Well, there is. LinkedIn.

Before I lose you I feel I have to tell you that I have done this training at the insistence of my mentor and I have seen first hand the power LinkedIn has. My mentor, the number two veteran influencer (I’m a veteran as well as a business owner), took this training a couple weeks ago. He sat down with a man named Omar Taha of Taha Media and learned how to use LinkedIn as a source of high-value leads.

What happened was remarkable!! My mentor, Steven Kuhn, closed $10k in deals in the first four hours using the network he already had built. That was three weeks ago. Yesterday, he closed a $200k deal with someone in his network. Cray-Cray!!

So I took my mentors advice and gave it a shot. I used the strategies Omar taught me and something even more remarkable happened… I have managed to find myself in a position where my business may grow so rapidly that I may be hiring a full-time staff to help me with all the clients. I have made connections with high-value clients that need the services I offer. My services are being built into pitch packs from other businesses that want to use me to help their clients. I won’t even be actively selling anything and still be growing my business.

After seeing these results I was thrilled when Omar and Steven decided to offer the same training to others. I mean this training has changed my business in so many ways why wouldn’t I be thrilled?

I am not going to pressure you to take this course. I will mention again that it is AMAZING, but the choice is ultimately yours. This training is being offered ONE time and ONE time ONLY. These guys are so swamped with deals right now I am surprised they have the time but they have managed to pull it off.

The training starts January 29th at 3:00 PM est so you only have a few days to get in on this before it’s gone.

You can sign up at this link:

LinkedIn B2B Sales Machine


If you join they are offering an affiliate program where if you refer one person you will get 50% off and if you refer two you’ll get it for free. Again, I am not participating in this affiliate program but will be taking the course again so I can learn even more about how to use LinkedIn as lead magnet machine.

If you take the course I would love to hear about your success. I cannot guarantee you’ll close $200k deals, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. If I can use it to make major deals and create high-value connection then anyone can.


Want to know more about me and why I love helping creative businesses brand with confidence? Head yourself over to my about me page to find out.

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  1. I love this! I never know how to use LinkedIn

    • I didn’t either and then my mentor showed me a few tips and it was like BAM! I cannot wait to get into this class and learn all the tricks!

  2. I have yet to dive into linked in to see how it can grow my business but I know it’s a great place to connect with business people

    • I always thought LinkedIn was all about making connections for advancing your career. My eyes have been opened because it is a great place to source leads and find high-value clients.

  3. I never really saw Linkedin that way. I always thought it was a place that people went on trying to sell their services, not caring much about the services of others. You gave me something to think about

    • It’s still about making connections but it’s connecting with the people you want to help most. This training literally gives you everything you need to do this. Omar is even giving away his exact scripts and emails… everything. It’s a great training!!


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