legacy realty network

Legacy Realty Network is a group of 4 realtors and brokers in San Diego California who specialize in helping active duty military and veterans get into homes of their own. A big part of their business is educating people on their options, the process to home buying, and being part of their local community.

brand strategy, brand identity design

- Create a brand strategy that establishes industry leadership as an educational resource.

- Create a brand identity that is unique and contemporary.

- Build a brand that the community the serve can trust and approach.


The first step in the process was a two week brand strategy session. We dove deep into their community and clientele to find their biggest pain points and then set out to establish a brand that felt approachable and professional. A big part of this process is establishing the brand from their values. 


A big part of the teams designs inspiration came from San Diego itself and its young and hip vibe as well as the architecture and scenery. We knew based on research that most realtors had the same look and feel and we really needed Legacy to stand out and above the rest.

The color palette and primary logo were our first stop in the design journey. The color palette featured neutrals paired with eye popping teals and blues. It made us think of the ocean waves and sandy beaches. The primary logo drew on that ocean feel with a script font but grounded with a architectural feel. 


One of our favorite projects to date because the level of collaboration between client and team this brand strategy and identity turned out to be the perfect start for a lovely story.