Loft 564

Loft 564 are luxury lofts in the Dallas area. They cater to the young millennials who want luxury living in an urban environment that is close to public transportation, entertainment, and their jobs. 

brand strategy, brand identity design

- The brand identity needs to be modern and luxurious.

- It needs to have a European charm with the old school vibes.

- It needs to have variations that will serve multiple purposes for marketing materials.


Because the lofts are still under construction the process started with the concept drawings and the interior design. We paid close attention to the small details like the cognac colored leather club chairs, the brass knobs, and the warm oak flooring. The marriage between modern and old world charm was a fine line we had to walk to make sure the brand was consistent.


We created our color palette first, offering several options that brought out the warmth and hospitality but was still edgy enough to lend contemporary touch. The finishes really did lead the way.

The logo was something we worked hard on. The primary logo was going to be used in so many applications we really hard to make sure it would be striking and memorable. This lead us to focus on our typography with smaller added elements to give interest.

For our strategy we knew the lead up to the opening was going to be very important. To attract the right clients we needed to start the conversation on what they wanted to see. A social media campaign was a starting strategy giving sneak peeks to build excitement and get users to engage in the building process.


We wanted to people to talk, build a buzz, and be part of the story. The brand is modern, designed to be talking point, and the strategy of engagement has worked well for Loft 564 as their lofts are seeing record number of sales.