Miss Jee's Dog Academy

Jeehae Cho is the veteran owner at Miss Jee's Dog Academy. She trains dog is basic obedience and also for service as well as teaching people how care for their dogs to make sure they are living their best life within their pack. Her training programs focus on true lifestyle changes for human and dog.

website redesign

- Create a website that is organized and clean with a very human/dog feel

- Be education and welcoming to dog owns

- Be clear and concise with process without overwhelming the visitor


We spent the first few days in our process going over Jeehae's prior website and determining the new direction. We focused on truly streamlining the process and giving it a more human feel. After copious note taking we started to create a site map for the new site, gather our branded images, and adjusting the copy from the original site to truly encompass Miss Jee's vision.


Jeehae is an avid photographer of her clients and their companions, plus she had a talented photographer take some stunning images that we felt were great to add to her new site. With those in hand we started turning our site map into a fully realized website.

Our design for Jeehae was truly focused on educating the visitor while making them feel welcome; like family. The passion Miss Jee has for her work shined through whole design with the bright happy yellow that matches her personality.


We happen to think this site is the perfect compliment to Miss Jee's Dog Academy overall brand. With it's focus on education, ability to schedule appointments, and all those happy pups showcased Miss Jee has seen amazing success in growing her business. 


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