The Garrison Distillery

Fort Collins Colorado features some of the best craft beer and spirits in the world. The Garrison Distillery is no exception. This veteran owned and operated distillery makes some of the smoothest bourbon we have every tried. 

brand identity design, packaging design

- Create a brand identity that harkens back to the old world lithographs with a modern and hip vibe perfect for Fort Collins.

- Create labels for their signature bourbon whiskey.

- Create a brand that can expand to a full fledged brick and mortar location. 


To start this project it was important to get to know the product and process. Plus, who doesn't love enjoying a glass of bourbon at noon on a Tuesday? The novices among us had a learning curve on exactly what bourbon is and how it is made. We also quickly realized that bourbon is aged, no less than two years, in a barrel so this brand was a labor of love. 


The owner, Greg, loves lithographs. He has quite the collection hanging in his office. So we new including an element that calls upon this passion as well as the hip millennial feel of Fort Collins was going to be the way forward with.

The logo suite we designed includes three logos. We need a logo that would fit the packaging of their products as well as two others to feature on marketing materials. We also designed a brand mark to be used in place of any of the logos. 


The Garrison Distillery is set to become a mainstay of Fort Collins when it opens in the summer of 2021. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak plans for the distillery have been put on hold and delayed.